Welcome to the new SpellCheck!

First off – holy shit…I can’t believe I’m doing this again.

When I launched SpellCheck – good lord, two years ago? – I had just moved to Seattle and was doing freelance work part time while I worked a pretty crap day-job, commuting three hours to and from work (yes – that’s six hours per day) via bus. It’s no wonder my body gave me a big fuck you and paralyzed the left side of my face for six months. I wasn’t thrilled about that. The response to SpellCheck was very positive and I was talking to a bunch of really cool people whose brains I wanted to pick about various aspects of graphic design and art. But stuff happens, I suppose.

Well – here I am in late 2018 writing the first post for the SpellCheck relaunch and wondering how the hell this happened. As it turns out, you can blame my good friend Chris Mennell. I had flirted with the idea of cranking the podcast back up again over the last 2o-odd months but the motivation was never quite there. It was always in the back of my mind, but it took Chris to really make me take the leap. A couple of months back he asked if I’d be down to do a podcast about the same topics Spellcheck used to cover and as we discussed it it became clear that what we were really talking about was dusting of the old show and and taking it out for a spin. I’ll be honest, I was pretty sure my podcasting days were behind me but…life had other plans I guess.

So – now that you’re reading this you’re probably looking for the episodes. Fear not – they are coming! Our audio engineer dude Jarrett Crader is hard at work getting everything ready in the Podcast Factory and as soon as we get finished, nicely edited files I’m going to drop them on the server and we’ll be off. Right now Mennell and I have two new interviews in the can and I’m prepping to record a third in the upcoming week. In addition, we’re going to post the original three episodes so you’ll have access to that content as well.

I know we’ve been chattering about it for a while now – but I promise, SpellCheck 2.0 is coming. And it will be fantastic.

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